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What is the Hermanus & Overberg CVC? CVC stands for Community Veterinary Clinic, and that is exactly what our CVC is: a non-profit veterinary clinic to help animals from our lower-income communities. There are so many pet owners in Hermanus & surrounding areas who would like to get the necessary treatments for their beloved pets, but simply cannot afford it. Because of this, important things like vaccinations and parasite prevention (worms, ticks, fleas) are neglected and this results in animals suffering from serious and often fatal diseases that could have been prevented. 


How does it work? The clinic operates from our private consulting rooms in Hermanus and Onrus, which means our welfare patients receive the benefit of receiving help and treatment from the same qualified vets and trained staff that work at our private hospital. Veterinarians donate their time and services pro-bono to this worthy cause, whether it is for important routine treatments and procedures like vaccinations and sterilizations, or the more complicated surgeries and care needed. We also support and work closely with the other welfare organizations in the area.  


Cost management? As previously noted, our veterinarians donate their time and services. But to operate efficiently, the clinic needs to have the necessary medicines, drugs for sedation, vaccinations, etc in stock. To buy all of this, we rely solely on donations and whatever the client can afford to pay, which is mostly very little or nothing at all. The generosity from community members has been invaluable in helping us to run the clinic, as well as the hard work CVC head offices in Pretoria puts into fund-raising and applying to companies for help. Unfortunately, there are so many animals in need of our help, that we continuously need to ask financial support from anyone and everyone who can possibly assist. Please see the banking details below for any donations, or contact us to find out how you can help. 

Banking details:

Hermanus & Overberg CVC

FNB: 624 8200 9513

Branch nr: 200412

NPO nr: 000-234 NPO


​In December 2019, this beautiful family was dropped off at our CVC clinic by a farm-worker, along with their mother. He could unfortunately not afford to look after so many cats and came to us for help. When we realised he really loved the mommy-cat, but did not know how to find homes for the babies, we sterilized her and she went back home with him. We cared for the kittens and looked for suitable new owners they could go to, and since then every one of them went to a loving new home. Four of them have already been back to be sterilized and all looked well and happy. This little girl loved sitting on Prieka's shoulder, he is our kennel hand and loved playing with them.



In April 2020, this little bunny was picked up at the side of the road, very thin and very matted. We treated it and advertised that it was here but no-one came forward. Soon she was eating well again, and the fur that had to be clipped grew back. She is now very happy at her new home, where she has a big family of other furry creatures.



This shy boy is called Juicy. He was adopted and brought to us to be neutered on 5 May 2020. He stayed with us for the day and was a very sweet and well-mannered patient! 


This innocent-looking (looks can be deceiving!) kitten was brought to us by an elderly lady who could not cope with him anymore. Upholding the reputation of ginger boys, he was a ferocious little kitten, biting and scratching her so much that she had to try and rehome him. We raised him at the clinic, soon affectionately naming him Monster! He was so much fun to watch and play with; his favourite game was to chase a huge feather we tied to a string and all of the staff took turns in running around with the feather for him to chase. He was neutered and vaccinated by our CVC clinic and found a home on a farm where he now runs and plays with his new friends all day long. They still send us pictures, and we loved this one of Monster with his new best friend:

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